Dr. Dalia RE Lavon - The Magnetic CEO
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The Magnetic CEO
Dr. Dalia RE Lavon

The Magnetic CEO

Our business community deserves a new breed of CEOs. Our workplace needs to radically change its focus and this can only be achieved through a cultural transformation.

It is going to take the form of a hybrid evolution sprinkled with elements of revolution.

To spearhead these efforts we need a leader who understands people and focuses on people, who possesses all the business acumen and is also a sociologist-evangelist.

We need a turbo-charged entrepreneur with night vision to see through the dark hours of our economy.

We need a Cultural Evolvement Officer CEO and that is what this book is about.

Learn How to...

  • Carry out a successful cultural transformation within your organization
  • Lead for sustainable results and profits
  • Identify the really important decisions and make great calls
  • Find and keep the right people
  • Become a great communicator
  • Build teams that work well together
  • Be a great problem solver (before they become serious)

"Our business environment had lost its authenticity...
Money is nothing but a plastic card...
There is a need to re-magnetize and attract the right resources...
This CEO has the qualities of a magnet...
Magnets are one of the rare items in nature that can exert control over other objects without actually touching them..."

In these pages you will uncover:

  • How to strategically handle "Your business' biggest asset - Your people"
  • The survival guide for the CEO
  • How to get others to buy in to a proposed cultural transformation
  • How to get lasting results with a smart allocation of all resources
  • The characteristics of a winner hire and traps to avoid when recruiting
  • How to be the first to know when a good employee is on the verge
  • How to protect your business and your position in the marketplace with talented, loyal and successful employees