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The Magnetic CEO
Dr. Dalia RE Lavon


Leadership Versus Management

Many people use the terms "management" and "leadership" interchangeably, yet they are vastly different. Leadership is about deciding what things need to get done and getting them done. Management is about how those things get done.

A manager possesses the technical skill for a job. By their title and position, they are deemed managers. This does not guarantee employees will follow their managers of their own volition. Leaders, on the other hand, have the ability to inspire individuals to follow whether they have a management title or not. A leader can be a CEO, a manager, or merely an employee that has the qualities that make people listen to their opinion and follow along. Managers who also possess leadership skills become powerful catalysts in the business world.

The question is what are the qualities that make the average person follow one person and not another?

Leaders possess several unique qualities over and above managers. The most important of these is honesty - honesty with others and honesty with themselves. Leaders have no hidden agendas and no personal vendettas. They only desire to move events and individuals forward in a positive and productive way.

Integrity is a very important and essential trait for leadership. Personal and professional integrity have come to major prominence during the last several years as businesses have endured multiple ethical scandals. Situational ethics, the relativist policy of “do what you must in any give situation,” has produced a backlash among employees and shareholders. True leaders stick to their principles and do what they promise to do regardless of the situation or circumstances. A manager without this type of integrity leaves both employees and shareholders feeling as if they are always on the shifting sands of uncertainty and that the rules could change at any moment.